The DeFi Wallet with Free Bank Transfers

DeFi portfolio and Safety Checks on all Ethereum based networks
Instant & Free Transfers between your Wallet and Bank Account
Security Audits every 6 months and Public Sourced. Learn more >
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Get the most from your crypto

Bank transfers
free, instant, direct

Transfer directly between your wallet and bank in seconds with zero-fees. Supported currencies; USDC (polygon), GBP, EUR and NGN.
Supported currencies
- USDC (Polygon)
UI from the Zeal wallet extension showing USDC being withdrawn directly into GBP into a bank account
UI from Zeal extension showing a bride from ARB to USDC on BNB Chain.
Get the most from your crypto

Swap or bridge quickly at the best rates

Always get the best market rates and speeds when making swaps or bridges. Zeal has no extra fees.
So simple

Your whole portfolio across all networks

See all your tokens real time price. Monitor your DeFi position in detail. Enjoy your NFTs with realtime artwork.
All EVM networks supported
All EVM networks supported
UI of the Zeal portfolio showing all a wallets assets across all EVM networks
Showing when connecting to a dApp your can select MetaMask and this will connect you to Zeal
So simple

Zeal works anywhere MetaMask does

You can connect to any web3 application and easily switch between MetaMask and Zeal.
So simple

Easily make and track transactions

Know exactly what a transaction is doing before you sign. Keep track of your transactions every step of the way.
Safety first

Public Sourced

Zeal uses the same well established cryptography libraries, and is available under the same license as other major web3 wallets.
Safety first

Audits every 6 months

Zeal is developed with rigorous security practices and security audits are performed every 6 months.
Safety first

Prevent scams and costly mistakes

Automatic safety checks for all website and transactions. You'll get alerted if something looks like a scam.
Safety first

Its easy to use your hardware wallets

Quickly link your Ledger or Trezor wallets to Zeal to see your whole portfolio and make transactions.

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Transaction Previews and Safety Checks
Zero-fee, instant on/off ramping
Swapping and Bridging without extra fees
Connection safety checks
Ledger and Trezor support
DeFi position details
Identity shield against RPCs (built-in VPN)