Future of self-custodial wallets

The first wallet that lets you pay network fees with stablecoins and secure your wallet using biometrics and passkeys

Smart Wallet based on Safe's industry leading contracts that secure >$65bn of assets

Recover your wallet with biometrics and passkeys instead of seed phrases

Pay network fees with stablecoins and other tokens using Gelato relay

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Hardware level security without hardware wallets

Use the secure enclave and biometrics of your mobile or computer to secure your wallet.

No seed phrases

Recover your wallet and sign transactions using your biometrics and Google or Apple passkeys. Never worry about seed-phrases again.
Passkey validation is done on-chain without relying on third parties. Making it the most self-custodial way to use passkeys.

Built with

Battle-tested smart contract wallet infrastructure, currently securing over ¢65bn

Use one address everywhere

Use the same address across the top 10 EVM networks. Unlike other smart contract wallets, Zeal doesn't require a different address per network.

Pay network fees with stablecoins

Choose and change how you pay networks fees, choose from major stablescoins and more. Stop worrying about whether you have enough native tokens to make a transactions, pay with the tokens you have.

Free, instant ramping

Transfer money directly from your bank to your wallet in seconds, for free.

Zeal works anywhere MetaMask does

You can connect to any web3 application and easily switch between MetaMask and Zeal.

And everything else Zeal

Get all the other amazing Zeal features like complete portfolio, transaction previews, safety checks and more
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